Organize your family schedule with “FamilyWall”

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FamilyWall is the perfect app to help you keep track of your family’s schedule, and allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones without overwhelming your social calendar or clogging your Facebook wall! The application, created in 2011, was designed to allow family members to share thoughts, locations, information, important moments and so much more.

The app allows each family member to access a calender, make changes, post tasks, and send notification reminders to each individual! Furthermore, the application allows you to send photos and HD videos, adding color and excitement to everyday life.




In addition to the previously mentioned features, the app allows you to send direct messages, share locations, and use the “Family Directory”, which allows you to share important content such as contacts with all family members! FamilyWall is the perfect way to organize and enhance your family’s social connection!

Curious? Check out their website!

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