RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 104: Wake Up with The Morning Brew!

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  1. We love the Polls feature on Instagram Stories, but sometimes you want feedback without asking ALL your followers! Instagram got the hint and rolled out the sticker for Stories in Direct Message. Now, you can take a picture or video, add the poll sticker and ask a question, and send it directly to your friends for them to vote.
  2. Facebook has their sights set on gaming on the platform. Late last week, Facebook Messenger rolled out its first two AR video chat games that allow up to six players. To play the games, you start a video chat, hit the star button to open the filter menu, then select one of the games.

  3. Currently, in a limited beta test, Amazon is working with some of its biggest advertisers to test video ads in search results. “Video in Search” ads appear below the fold in search results and can drive shoppers to a product page, directly to an Amazon Store, or a custom landing page.

  4. Rise and grind with the Morning Brew in your inbox! The daily newsletter breaks down the latest happenings in the business world and helps you to become smarter in five minutes. Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Lieberman joined us on this week’s SocialLIVE to discuss how he built the company on corporate news and coffee.

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