RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 101

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Miss us live on Facebook this week? No worries. We recapped the latest episode of SocialLIVE and you can still watch HERE on Facebook.
  1. Similar to the Instagram Explore page, YouTube is testing their own Explore tab on the iPhone app. The goal of this test is to serve users more content they might be interested in watching based on previous videos they’ve watched and help expose them to other kinds of video content.

  2. Instagram has added a  status indicator in the form of a green dot to let followers know when you are active on the platform. This feature can be seen in the direct messages section of the app and when you go to share something.

  3. As we’ve seen in the past, another feature from Facebook is moving over to Instagram. Instagram is testing reactions style responses on Stories. The new update could be another metric for brands and influencers to measure the impact of their story and audience engagement.

  4. We all have those friends/people we follow who post way too often. Instagram gets it and their new update is proof. Now, you can remove followers on Instagram and hide their content without unfollowing them officially.

  5. From fat camp to filmmakers, Zach Fox and Omri Dorani of Fat Camp Films joined us to talk about content creation, social media, and their first full-length feature film, How To Get Girls!

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