Pinterest Gets (More) Useful with Rich Pins

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For all the pinaholics out there, Pinterest just improved…again. As one of the fastest growing social networks, Pinterest has been continually updating their platform to improve the user experience. Yesterday, it was announced that the quality of pins has improved to include more key information. Who can argue with useful?

Introducing: Rich Pins. Rich Pins (for now in the categories of product pins, recipes and movie pins) will provide more extensive, continually updated information about an item such as price, availability and ingredients.

The key to successful pins has always been the quality of the visual. However, any avid Pinterest user will tell you that nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a pin – a mouth-watering chocolate cake, a fabulous new spring dress, the cutest candlestick craft – and getting slammed with an error message or directed to a site that doesn’t connect you with the information you need to buy (or bake or craft). With these new pins you’ll be even closer to the information you want about the pins you love.

To kick-start these transformations, Pinterest worked with some popular websites like food blogs and movie review sites. Take a look at this food board and click on the pins to see everything from serving size to ingredient lists.  If you’re a business or a blogger and want to be “richly” pinnable, here are the steps to get started: Click here.

Food Rich Pin

If you want even more information on these Pinterest transformations, you can read it straight from the Pinterest Blog.

Let us know what you think! Will you be more likely to pin a Rich Pin over a regular pin?

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