Facebook’s “Pipe App”: Finally introducing file transfer to Facebook in a BIG way!

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The innumerable functions of Facebook seem to be continuously and inevitably growing on an unprecedented scale, and Wednesday’s arrival of the “Pipe App” will only add to the ease and capability of Facebook. This new App, over a year in the making, will make file transferring up to 1 GB of data possible for the first time on the social media site.

Tired of slow music downloads, lost pictures and videos, and unorganized email files? The Pipe App can easily solve all of your personal and professional file transfer woes. Users of Pipe can instantly send file transfers, even if the recipient does not have the app, and furthermore- even if the user is not currently logged on to Facebook. The unopened transfers will remain in a “locker” until the recipient chooses to download. Also, there is NO limit to the number of lockers available to each user, which allows for unlimited and unrestricted file transfer at a pace or time that is convenient for both parties!

Simon Howell illustrated the convenience and allure of pipe by stating, “We have taken a function such as attaching a file and turned it into something anyone can use — without ever leaving Facebook. It’s secure and private, and we’re confident it will catch on and spread fast.”

Finally, here are some quick directions to help you utilize and love the Pipe App! First, users can access the application through the Facebook app center and choose whom they would like to send the transfer to. The user then drags and drops the transfer to a virtual green tube on the computer screen, immediately transferring the file to a selected friend. The file can either be stored in a locker, or can be directly saved to a recipient’s desktop. The ease and versatility of the Pipe App has virtually endless possibilities.


What’s next for the App’s creators? Depending on the success of the desktop application, the mobile version is already in the works, which would tremendously increases the opportunities for on-the-go Facebook members!

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