Newest Social Media Platform, Clubhouse: What You Need to Know

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As the leading social media agency, we have started to break into the newest platform that has been taking the social media world by storm: Clubhouse. Since its launch in March 2020, the “drop-in audio” app has acquired 2M+ users and is drastically increasing its user base on a daily basis. Ultimately, users are able to listen and/or actively participate in live discussions around topics of interest. 


So, how does it work?

It is important to note that the iPhone app is invite only. If you’re one of the lucky ones that can snag an invite, you can join audio conferences. While these were small to start, they’ve now grown in size and are well-attended. As you’re listening, you can follow fellow listeners and interact with them within the conference, so Clubhouse is becoming another very effective place to network and has been dubbed by Bloomberg as the next “social media star.” 


Why should brands be excited about Clubhouse?

  • The app can position your brand as a trusted resource and thought leader within your respective industry.
  • It appears that follower acquisition is much easier on this platform, and it is directly linked to Instagram and can have a positive impact on your IG community as well.
  • It can offer brands more opportunities to have direct contact with advocates and potential consumers. 


As this platform grows, there will be more opportunities for brands and perhaps additional ways to monetize these communities, so definitely keep an eye and ear out to see how you can leverage Clubhouse and all it has to offer. We are very excited about this new platform and are actively looking for ways to incorporate it into with our client partners’ social media strategies.


Cristin McGrath Senior Director of Strategy & Accounts at Socialfly is particularly excited about the authenticity element of Clubhouse saying, “Today, social media marketing lacks personality. Brand building through a social persona is what truly drove most professionals (myself included) to the field, and with emerging platforms like Clubhouse rocking the boat, that raw authenticity is making a powerful comeback.”


Are you considering Clubhouse for your brand? Are you unsure of how to implement? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we can discuss!

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