Instagram Tests New Feature To Boost Transparency In Influencer Marketing

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Social media influencers continue to skyrocket as they share their most “insta-worthy” moments over the years. Because of this, our feeds have become more of highlight reels than real life and followers have begun to wonder which posts are natural vs. strategically snapped sponsorships. When the FTC caught onto the power of influencer marketing, they recently started to crack down by issuing warnings to 45 celebrities.

Taking note of this change, Instagram is on a mission to make it clear to their community by being as transparent with users as possible. For influencers, businesses, and followers to communicate clearly, Instagram is testing the “Paid partnership” tag.

Useful on both Instagram posts and stories, a disclosure of promoted products has never been easier! All an influencer needs to do is tap “Advanced Settings” under their caption and a “Branded Content” section that says “Tag Business Partner” will appear. They can then tag the brand as the sponsor for their post which inserts a “Paid partnership with” message at the top where the location is typically shown.

Image via AdWeek

What does this mean for brands with influencer marketing campaigns?

As we’ve seen from experience, brands using influencers is a must. Not only does this bring awareness and sales, but it also personifies their products. The more people see someone they trust with a product or service, the more likely they’ll be to try it themselves.

Regarding reporting, brands will now have access to metrics such as reach and engagement via Facebook Page Insights. In the past, brands have had to trust the influencer’s word. These self-reported stats were difficult to verify without access to the backend info. Instagram’s new tagging test run will make reporting easier for brands because, with the “paid partnership” tag, both brands and influencers will have access to how these posts are performing. It’s also a sure way to know the influencer they’re working with is following the FTC guidelines, so neither party is sent a warning.

What does this mean for influencers?

Although many followers are still adjusting to their favorite influencers tagging #sponsored and #ad, loyal fans are sticking up for their Instagram icons in the comment section of their posts.

When users follow an influencer who is open and honest, they’re more likely to trust their suggestions–even if it is a sponsored post. This change is also good for influencers because it builds up their credibility and shows their followers what they create is valuable.

With large scale possibilities for brands and influencers everywhere. To learn more about how you can use influencer marketing for your brand, contact us today!

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