Five Reasons to Watch The Bachelor Premiere Tonight

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1. Ben H. is the Tinder Date of Your Literal Dreams
Don’t even play that you wouldn’t swipe right for this photo that says, “I’m the All-American you’ve been waiting to bring home to Mom.” Ben’s sex-ed talk coupled with a gracious exit after being sent home by Kaitlyn Bristowe won the hearts of women all across America on the latest season of The Bachelorette. Plus, this headline from Entertainment Tonight speaks for itself: “’Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Reveals His Ultimate Dating Deal Breaker and Why He’s Ready to Be a Dad!” But relax ladies. There are already 28 other women in line for this guy.


2. Chris Harrison is the Host Who Does the Most
Chris Harrison’s success as host of The Bachelor is unparalleled in the world of reality television. His charming personality coupled with the fact that he actually seems to care about the “contestants” makes the show watchable.


3. It’s the Only Water Cooler Talk That Matters Anymore
Don’t expect to understand anything that the women in your office are talking about every Tuesday if you don’t tune into The Bachelor every Monday night for the next several weeks.


4. There Are Four Laurens This Season
Yes, count them—four women named “Lauren” on the same season of The Bachelor. There is Lauren “LB,” Lauren B, Lauren H, and Lauren R. And you thought keeping track of Ben H. and Ben Z. last year was difficult enough! We’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg as far as basic girl problems are concerned. Buckle up because this is sure to be a wild and confusing ride.


5. Watching Girls Cry On The Bachelor Will Remind You Why You’re Singlecry
Is the dating scene even worth it? Brit (pictured above) clearly didn’t think so. Make it through the frozen, lonely months of January and February with the assurance that you’re not the only one tearing up over the male race.

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