Finding Love Through Social Media

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Social media connoisseurs around the world are finding new ways to better their lives through the use of social media.  The phenomenon of online dating has recently taken off with the creation of new apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Secret, and Whisper.  Just last May a survey found that 15% of a group of 2,200 people had used social media to ask someone out on a date.  However, the newest twist to online dating is meeting through social media.  This offers a more relaxed and natural way of dating in our digital world.

Online dating sights and apps are very straightforward.  A photo pops up based on similar personalities and interests and you’re pressured to either pursue or pass on that person.  But the issue with this process is you only see a small piece of his or her world.  It’s hard to get an accurate perception of a person from a couple of photos and tidbits they used to describe themself.  These dating sights also lack adventure and mystery since everything is laid out right in front of you.  But a new and improved form of online dating is available through social media – Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

A recent Instagram user named Steven, found love in an unforeseen outlet.  He and another user randomly started following one another and then avidly liked each other’s photos.  They eventually moved on to private messaging and planned a date completely through Instagram.  Steven and others who have met through social media claim it’s a more exciting and adventurous way for a relationship to flourish.  Instagram opens up a window into a person’s life that can’t be explained through words.  You can see how they spend time with friends, what they do at work, where they travel, and even what they eat!  Social media continues to take over our world and offer us new opportunities to connect in unexpected ways.

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Will your keyboard unlock love for you?
Will your keyboard unlock love for you?

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