Facebook Messenger’s Latest Update for Businesses

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Facebook recently rolled out a new update that allows businesses to seamlessly connect with their customers using Messenger. Research shows that over 90% of business owners already used Messenger to communicate with their family and friends, and this update will let them toggle back and forth from their personal and business accounts to answer incoming messages. By making it possible to connect with clients via Messenger, Facebook is making it easier for businesses to stay on top of their customer questions, and to provide speedier responses. 

As the country slowly shifts into different reopening phases, businesses will increasingly need to keep their customers informed of updated opening and closing times, or even new locations. Due to all these changes, customers are more likely to reach out to confirm new information, and expect a swift response. Having all incoming Messenger inquiries grouped in the same platform makes it easier for business owners to communicate any changes with an improved workflow. In addition to increasing the response rate, businesses can even choose to opt into a feature that notifies them when a message has gone unanswered, ensuring that no communications fall through the cracks. 

While this new update will facilitate workflow for businesses, it is not intended to replace the message function already present in the Page Manager app. Every feature now available in Page Manager will still be available to use, such as the ability to schedule content, create ads and analyze insights. The upgrade with Messenger will just provide an easy alternative way to communicate with your audience, just one click away from regular messaging with friends and family. We look forward to seeing how the platform continues to evolve to meet the evolving needs of business owners during this unprecedented time.


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