Celebs Taking Their Insta Beyond the #Selfie

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Today’s top stars are making the news for the photos they upload of themselves on their social media accounts. Selfies have become quite anticipated as fans await the next peak into their fave celeb’s lifestyle. Books full of celeb selfies have even been published – we’re looking at you Kim K.

However, in an Instagram feed full of faces, it is very refreshing to see stars getting creative with their ‘grams and posting more varied content.

Check out the accounts of these 5 celebs killing it on Instagram with more than just a selfie:




Actress Reese Witherspoon posts a weekly #MondayMuse on her feed of her favorite women in film and television. Amongst the images of her daily life and career as a widely recognized actress, we love to see how she is still being inspired by the greats!




Mindy Kaling’s feed is full of her many activities as the writer and star of her own show, an author, and, of course, a celebrity. But, her busy lifestyle does not get in the way of her quirky style. Mindy’s feed shines because she takes the time out to post her coveted outfits and @ mentions exactly where she got her look from head to toe.




Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell regularly accompanies her sun-kissed selfies with Pinterest-y quotes and images of palm trees, the beach, and her favorite summer looks no matter what season it is. If you didn’t know she was an actress, you’d suspect she was a top blogger based on her Insta.




Lauren Conrad’s feed is practically absent of selfies as she opts instead for neatly organized shots of her daily essentials, many DIY projects, and sneak peeks from photoshoots for her personal website, laurenconrad.com. Her posts are a pastel and dream-y wonderland that anyone would have fun scrolling through.




Celeb Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram feed is very unique as she uses it as an outlet for her adventures in #cookbookin. She frequently posts #foodporn-worthy shots of the delicious looking meals she prepares as she tries out different recipes.


Though we love the #selfie, we also love seeing people posting varied content on their social media to engage their audience in a variety of ways. Who are some celebrities you see offering something new on their feeds?

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