Apple’s iOS 7 – to update or not to update?

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To update or not to update: that is the question. The next generation of Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available as a free update to owners of iOS devices. The iOS 7 was downloaded on 200 million devices within five days of its public introduction, making it the biggest software update ever. The designers of this new system redesigned it completely by giving iOS 7 a new look with bright colors and many new features to make this update really stand out against previous versions.

There are many aspects of the new iOS 7 that differ from older systems. Here is a list of some new Apple iOS 7 features:

-Put Newsstand in a folder

-App switching now has live previews



-‘Spotlight’ is now at the top of the home screen

-Swipe right instead of hitting the ‘Back’ arrow

screenshot2 copy


-View text history even when the reply window is full

-‘Today’ view in Notification Center



-View times for every text message

-‘Control Center’



Remember to back up the data on your device before downloading this new system to make sure all your information is stored! Although there are so many new improvements to this software, there are people who dislike these new changes. Before downloading iOS 7, do some research to make sure this change is for you!

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