Advertisers Are Feeling Pinspired!

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Social media mavens in need of inspiration for life’s moments big or small religiously turn to Pinterest.  Upon signing in, users are flooded with images from wedding ideas to easy weeknight dinner plans to DIY wall decor.

With 150 million users generating 2 billion searches a month, pinners search keywords to find the visual results they are looking for adequately. From there, they can click through to a linked site with more information, or find additional related posts.

In the past, Pinterest advertisers could run ads through keywords that would sit next to other searched relevant content. While other platforms transcend, Pinterest has missed the advertising mark causing businesses and agencies to await a new feature to target their audience better anxiously.  

The long-awaited solution for Pinterest is finally here through “Search Ads.” Pinterest’s first paid search product will host keyword campaigns, shopping campaigns, targeting, and reporting.

Ads will be sold on a cost-per-click basis via digital auction and supported by the platform’s new partnership with the digital advertiser, Kenshoo. Advertisers will be able to pay for impressions, pin clicks, and engagement.

A big sell that Pinterest is differentiating themselves by is their focus on visual content, unlike Google AdWords which relies on text. With 97% of last year’s top searches being non-branded, the potential for advertisers to promote their products to shoppers who are unsure of what they are going to buy certainly exists.

According to Pinterest’s blog, they have already begun testing with several partners, including eBay, Garnier, and Target with plans to expand the capability to other advertising partners in the future.
Accompanying this rollout is Pinterest Propel which will “provide one-on-one support from ad experts that will help you make the most of your marketing budget.” This feature targets businesses that are ready to advertise on Pinterest but need additional assistance with campaign execution. It seems like Pinterest is already making moves on improving their business features.

The move to better accommodate sales and innovation on the platform is nothing short of Pinspiring! Tweet us @Socialfly with your thoughts on the update!

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