9 People Who Could Dethrone Selena Gomez as 2017’s Queen of Instagram

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It’s a cutthroat world out there in Instagram-land. Everyone from your dog to your mom to your favorite microwaveable mini calzone has a presence on IG, and with 700 million monthly active users, there’s no sign of your favorite meme account’s follower growth slowing down.

That’s not to say your favorite account that makes the most delicious-looking acai bowls that you’ll never be able to recreate’s audience will grow to @SelenaGomez’s level, but a bowl can dream.

When you meet the boss and talk tech in a very unusual office @zuck

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Speaking of Ms. Gomez, the actress, singer, U.N. Ambassador and most importantly, 13 Reasons Why Producer, is officially the second most followed person on Instagram. I know, I know, the title of this article says she is the Queen and it’s true! She’s only second to the King, His Highness @Instagram himself, who as an inanimate object has no stake in this game.
But who can (or will!) rival Selena’s meteoric rise to the top of our collective feed? Check out the list below to see her competition. 

this is what was shining most -so proud of you Tay 🔥

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  1. @ArianaGrande

With her high ponies and cat eyes, is there any reason Ariana Grande isn’t close on Selena’s tails? At 105 million followers, she’s a paltry 15 million from dethroning the Queen.

thought that i was dreeeamin

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2. @TaylorSwift

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Lately, she’s been laying low, but this girl is one post with a new flame away from making the world combust into tiny little pieces.

When you both wear cat shirts 🐾@azizansari

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3. @Beyonce

I think we all know that the minute those twins arrive, Beyonce’s current following of 101 million will triple. (It’s just simple math, people.)

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4. @Cristiano

We need a little testosterone on this list, and Cristiano Ronaldo has graciously offered his assistance! With 100m followers and abs cut by Michelangelo, this guy could be the one to seize the throne.

Perfect for the summer! 👍🏼🔝 @cr7underwear www.CR7Underwear.com

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5. @Kardashian/Jenners

While Mrs. West is the real leader here with 99.8m followers, it physically makes me ill to deny Kylie, Kris and the rest of the fam a spot on this list. Don’t think we forgot about Rob —someone’s sock line has to keep the lights on in Calabasas amiright?
(PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to my intense research I can exclusively [Ed. Note: not exclusively] reveal that Kylie is a mere 6.2m followers away from overtaking Kim. It’s been nice knowing you, world.)

our after party

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6. @JustinBieber

It’s the tattoos and gentle sounds of peeing in a bucket that keeps people coming back for more. That equals out to 86.5m followers for old Justin.

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7. @TheRock

More Pikachu for your 86m followers, plz.

The first time Jasmine’s favorite character, Pikachu came to visit her months ago she was only crawling. For Easter Sunday @laurenhashianofficial and I thought, Pikachu should make a special visit once again. Well, Pikachu didn’t account for the fact that now Jazzy RUNS and for 2hrs straight she wants to play her new favorite game, “I run away and you chase me Pikachu. And you’re not allowed to take a break until I go night night”. At the end of the vid you can hear her yell, “Peekyu” because she can’t say, Pikachu. I’m tired, today’s my only day off, it’s 118 degrees in this costume and Hobbs keep trying to p*ss on my leg. And I luv every minute of it. Bring it on. It’s what daddy’s do. Happy Easter to you guys and enjoy your families. #Rockachu #DaddyPuttinInWork #TheGameThatNeverEnds #PikachuLooksBloated

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8. @NickiMinaj

What does Nicki think about her chances of becoming the most followed person on Instagram?


9. @NatGeo

Bringing up the rear here we’ve got National Geographic with an astonishing 77m follower count. And with content like this, is there any surprise? 

Video by @joelsartore | A critically endangered woylie at the Plzen Zoo in the Czech Republic. This tiny marsupial measures 30-35 cm in length and weighs just 2-3 pounds. Woylies were once abundant throughout all of Australia, but today they are extremely rare. Around 1871, red foxes were shipped into the country for use in sport hunting. Soon after, the foxes became established in the wild and the woylie population began a drastic decline. Today, woylies have been reduced to just three remnant populations. The Australian government has developed a detailed national recovery plan for the woylie and the species is protected under multiple wildlife conservation acts. To see a portrait of this woylie, check out @joelsartore! . . #woylie #kangaroorat #criticallyendangered #marsupial #bettong #brushtailedbettong #natgeo #photoark

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