5 Ways To Improve eCommerce Sales

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With the holidays right around the corner, competition among brands is about to be higher than ever. While we recommend implementing a holistic marketing strategy to break through the clutter, high-quality web design remains one of the most powerful eCommerce sales tools for any digitally-led brand. All aspects of the business – be it the company logo or website appearance – must be designed intelligently to ensure the best user experience and ultimately drive sales. Continue reading and register for our webinar on Developing Full-Funnel Paid & Influencer Campaigns to learn more.


Here are the top 5 ways to grow your eCommerce sales:


1. Optimize Your Site Loading Speed

According to Stanford research, 75% of online visitors judge a business’s reputation based on the look of the website. If website visitors land on a poorly designed website or it’s slow to load, they are going to click away before seeing what you want them to see.

If the website hosts data-heavy photos and graphics, it will require much more time to load than a cleanly-designed website that contains minimal graphics. However, the idea isn’t to get rid of photos and graphic elements altogether, but to use them intelligently for the best impact and loading speed.

So, minimize the photo size as much as you can without reducing quality, and ensure there’s an intentional use of color, text and white space. You’ll also want to add just a few artful, brand-centered graphics to make your website pleasing and easy to navigate. Just make sure that fast loading speed remains a top priority.


2. Target Existing Customers With Remarketing Campaigns

Want to grow your eCommerce sales quickly? Focus on getting repeat purchases from your current customers.

Remarketing campaigns in the form of paid ads – including search, social, programmatic display, etc. – and email marketing are two excellent ways to engage with existing customers.

Remarketing campaigns perform exceptionally well because they reach the people who are most likely to respond to your message and have already engaged with your brand. Combine captivating design with a compelling offer, and repeat customers will race to your website to buy.

You should also consider running an email campaign targeting past customers. Email is an extremely powerful tool for contacting customers who are likely to shop online.

So, go ahead and tell current customers that you’d like to do more business with them, because selling to this audience is more cost-effective than getting new buyers.


3. Embrace The Power Of The Landing Page

If you’re serious about the rapid growth of your eCommerce sales, you must embrace landing pages. Landing pages are well received because they only have one intention and call to action (CTA), which helps brands avoid consumer distraction.

We recommend creating unique landing pages for each product. You can also build landing pages for particular target audiences.

In order to create a strong landing page, provide a clear CTA and make it easy for the customer to finish the CTA with a purchase.


4. Optimize Your eCommerce Business For Mobile Access

When you create an eCommerce website, it must be mobile-optimized. Some people prefer Responsive websites, while others are partial towards Adaptive websites. Both can be valuable, as long as the mobile versions are actually optimized for mobile access.

If you go with a  Responsive website, remember that the best Responsive designs are not only able to adjust to all screen sizes, but they’re also easy to navigate. Mobile optimization is key to capturing sales from a web-savvy, smartphone-carrying audience, which is more common than ever.


5. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts To Drive eCommerce Sales

For eCommerce businesses, the shopping cart is the final stepping stone between a potential customer and a sale. Unfortunately, shopping cart abandonment is a major issue faced by all eCommerce businesses.

Cart abandonment happens when prospects fill their carts with products and quickly disappear before making a purchase. There are many potential reasons behind cart abandonment, but design is often at the root of the problem. Review your design and ask yourself: Does it look confusing? Does it require too many actions to finish? Does it take too long to load? Does the process look cumbersome or buggy? Remember, even the smallest inconvenience can make customers click away, while compelling design can push potential customers into actual sales.


Looking for ways to generate eCommerce sales ahead of the holiday season? Get in touch with us at [email protected].

Written By: Chris Lewis, Senior Media Buyer

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