5 tips for fashion brand instagrams: get more followers and have more fun!

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Tip 1. Show your inspiration. There is a reason it inspired you as a designer, and the message it conveys could be equally as powerful as the end result!


Tip 2. Put together an entire outfit, head-to-toe! Get followers to catch a glimpse of your fashion sense and of what your brand has to offer.




Tip 3. Be sure to know the difference between clutter and cool. There is a definite balance between too much and too cool. If you can organize accessories, clothes, or shoes in an exciting, clever, and beautiful way than the more the merrier. If you think it looks cluttered, then so will your audience! Check out how Free People and J.Crew get their likes!


image_2 image_3


Tip 4. Be relatable. People want to know they can “pull off” an outfit the same way your models can. Take pictures of your clothes on the streets, at music festivals, or just during your average day. Sometimes an average shot can make an extraordinary statement!



Tip 5. Download “Tint” & display your instagrams on your website! Use the link below to sign up and learn how!



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