5 Benefits of Nano Influencer Marketing

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Brands often approach influencer marketing with a “bigger is better” mentality, investing more money in content creators with a higher potential reach. While these larger macro influencers bring a lot of value to the table, it is essential to consider nano influencer marketing as a vital piece of the puzzle for a successful influencer strategy


Nano influencers are classified as creators with anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 followers, and their audiences tend to be more active and loyal than those of macro influencers. These creators may not have the same name recognition or star power as the macro influencers, but they have a large impact on their communities regardless.


As nano influencer marketing continues to explode in popularity, we’re sharing five key benefits of working with this tier of creators.


  • Higher Engagement Rates: Nano creators bring a more relaxed, relatable vibe to social media. Their content can lead to a higher engagement rate and boost a campaign’s average metrics.


  • Cost-Effective & Scalable: The investment in influencer fees at the nano level is typically minimal, especially in comparison to other tiers. The lower price tag allows brands to increase the volume of content and scale a campaign more efficiently. 


  • Partnership Potential: Nano influencers value their brand partnerships. They’re interested in partnering with brands they love and tend to be more invested in the success of the content and overall campaign. 


  • Niche Reach: Nano influencers typically lean into different niches with more specific content. Their audiences are hyper-interested in the topics they cover, which allows for deeper targeting options.


  • Fresh Content Creation: Nano influencers are essentially up-and-coming content creators. By working with nano influencers, brands can partner with the next big stars for a unique approach to content creation.


Whatever your business objectives may be, consider adding nano influencers to your influencer marketing mix. With the right strategy, planning, and execution, these small-but-mighty social media mavens have the potential to make an impact in a big way. Email us at info@socialflyny.com to learn more.

Written By: Pamela Ciprian, Director, Influencer Marketing

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