What does it mean to be a vine celebrity?

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vine-logoWatch out YouTube stars, there’s a new type of celebrity in the video world. A vine celebrity is pretty new, but making quite the impact. They are judged by the amount of followers, likes, comments, and re-vines per post. Above all, these vine celebrities generate buzz through a short six-second clip. They are able to capture a moment, or moments, in the right way to appeal and attract followers. A vine celebrity uses this application to represent their creativity.

Creating a vine may seem like an easy task, but in reality, there are many bad vines out there. The vine celebrities have mastered the art of this application and all its possibilities. Being a vine celebrity is different than being a regular celebrity or even a YouTube sensation. These newcomers have developed their popularity through their ability to capture the attention of others through this short video.

The interest in this platform has even resulted in discussion about launching a talent agency for these vine stars. The agency is looking for people who aren’t famous for anything else other than being able to artistically tell stories in six seconds.

It is possible that a new genre of media fame is developing, just like the beginning of YouTube stardom. Justin Bieber rose to fame through his videos on YouTube, and now with the rising fame of vine celebrities who knows what else is in store. These celebrities may not be on the cover of US Weekly Magazine, but they’re exploding in the social media scene.

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