Wanted: Back to Back Wins

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All right, you got me.  I can admit it.  There wasn’t a Socialfly fantasy football update last week for good reason.  Call it a strategic “non post,” if you will.  Yes, we did in fact dip back below .500, something I vowed we would never do again this season.  However, continuing the win-loss pattern we seem to have established thus far, I am happy to announce we followed a loss with a win yet again.  Now sitting at 2-2, we clearly don’t have too much to brag about.  However, the future still looks very bright as 4 of our players are ranked in the top 10 in scoring for their respective positions.  In addition, this week’s win moves us up 2 spots in the standings, from 7th to 5th, just one away from a playoff invitation.  While the playoffs are still a lifetime away, we are are happy to be trending back in the right direction.  First winning streak of the season here we come!  And much unlike Texans QB, Matt Schaub, we promise to never delete our Twitter account, regardless of how harsh the tweets of our detractors may be.  We plan on taking a path similar to that of 49er QB, Colin Kaepernick, who instead of hiding from his critics, has decided to favorite their negative tweets as motivation.  Bravo, Collin!  Socialfly salutes you.  Let  us know if you need any help managing your social media presence…
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