Want more followers? Here’s what NOT to do!

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Looking to increase your following on social media but nothing seems to work? Below are some mistakes you could be making that are turning your followers away!shutterstock_296240651

Mistake #1: Having only one form of social media

Not everyone that has a Facebook has a Twitter and vice versa. If you want to get your name out, the best way to do so is to utilize all forms of social media that apply to you. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Snapchat are currently the most popular forms of social media. Although you can curate content specifically for each platform, you can also reuse and recycle the same content from platform to platform. This is a quick and efficient way to get the word out about you, your company, or your products.

Mistake #2: Over and underuse

Sporadic activity on social media will not grow or nurture your social community. You must remain relatively active on each platform to consistently grow your accounts and engage with your following. However, your followers might consider you spam if you are overactive on your account. We recommend creating content calendars for each and every social platform so you are consistently interacting with your community. You can pre-schedule most of your posts to ensure they are going out on the right day and time. Finding the right balance of posts will become simple if you monitor how your followers are responding and reacting.

Mistake #3: Inconsistency

Consistency is key to running a successful social media campaign. This means you need to pinpoint what sets you apart from your competitors by deciding on a cohesive tone and visual aesthetic. Social media is your place to prove that you are a confident and legitimate business who stands out from the crowd.

Mistake #4: Ignoring your audience

Never forget that your audience is the most important factor when using social media. You will be able to monitor your community with each platform’s built-in analytical tools in order to see the positive and negative responses to your posts. By utilizing this information, you can change your strategy moving forward to include types of posts that you know will receive the most positive feedback. Keep in mind that you want to choose platforms that work well for your target audience. If you are targeting an older demographic, for example, Snapchat might not be for you.

Listening is critical, and if you are not getting much of a response from your audience, fixing these simple social media mistakes could be your answer to growing your following!


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