Twitter 101

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Ready to join the twitter realm? We welcome you.  But before you do that, let us show you how to tweet – the right way.


  • A tweet is a message that allows you to say whatever your heart desires – in 140-characters.
  • Like someone else’s tweet? RT (retweet) it! This basically allows you to re-share the same statement someone just made.  All with the click of a button.
  •  Got a notification with your handle (username) in it? That’s a mention.  Check you out! Someone either rt-ed you, replied to your tweet, or maybe its just spam.
  • Any newsworthy hot topics you’re interested in? Or maybe you’d like to create your own buzzworthy topic?  Use the hashtag (#) before a word or phrase, along with your tweet, so the twitter world can click on it and join in on the conversation.
  • Most importantly – follow, follow, follow! Friends, family, and even people whose tweets are just appealing to you!




Well, those are the most important basics.  I think you’re ready!

Still need a little more help? Check out this article for all of the deets…





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