Top TikTok Trends and News For September 2021

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We’re back again with the top TikTok trends and news for September. As a social media marketing agency, we are keeping tabs on how TikTok is expanding available features and what type of content is trending. See below for a roundup of the latest TikTok news and trends, and be sure to register for our upcoming TikTok webinar here!


TikTok News

The Best Time to Post on TikTok

HootSuite recently conducted research and experiments to determine the best time to post on TikTok for maximum engagement. According to the data, posts that are shared at the following times often receive the best engagement: Tuesday at 7am, Thursday at 10am and Friday at 5am. Elaborating even further, Hootsuite stated that, “morning posts seem to do better early in the week (Monday to Wednesday), while TikTok videos posted in the afternoon and evening gain more traction over the weekend (Thursday to Sunday).”

Read the full article here.


TikTok World

On September 1st, TikTok unveiled TikTok World, a bespoke virtual platform and the company’s inaugural event, taking place on September 28th. The event will dive into the future of creativity, community and commerce, and will introduce new solutions for brands of all sizes. This first-ever global experience will benefit both current and potential partners, sharing a new stream of opportunities and proving why brands should start on TikTok. If you’re interested in attending, you can RSVP here

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TikTok’s Fashion Month returned for the third time this September, with new events running through the end of the month. Representing a diverse spread of communities on TikTok, the “TikTok Fashion & Beauty Frontrunners,” feature ten of the app’s most prominent fashion influencers. These creators have been featured in dedicated Fashion Month activations, helping to showcase the latest trends and content to their audiences. TikTok also launched two creative effects that can be used with the #TikTokFashionMonth hashtag: Rate My Outfit and Aesthetic Challenge.

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TikTok Trends

Taylor Swift’s August

You might recall Taylor Swift’s 2020 song “August,” which offers nostalgic vibes with the lyrics “I can see us lost in the memory. August slipped away into a moment in time.” From summer photos to cleaning montages, TikTok creators are utilizing the editing power of TikTok to share memories they’ve saved on their phones, with Taylor Swift’s August playing in the background.

Check out the trend’s feed here.


The Grace Kelly Challenge

The latest TikTok challenge tasks users with singing harmonies from Mika’s 2007 song “Grace Kelly.” Singing the most notable lyrics of the song in different pitches, users overlap as they try to reach higher notes, ultimately ending with Mika’s famous high note. So far, thousands of creators have taken a shot at the Grace Kelly Challenge, with thousands more hopping on board after Ryan Reynolds’ duet with Will Ferrell went viral. So far, the #GraceKelly page has more than 138 million viewers. 

Check out the trend’s feed here.


Clone Photos

With TikTok’s Clone Photos, creators can have a group photoshoot – with only themselves! Counting down from three, the effect takes pictures on repeat while the subject strikes different poses. Although the effect has been around for almost a year, users are still creating innovative Clone content, like this astrology-themed Charlie’s Angels spoof.

Check out the trend’s feed here.



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Written By: Kaitlyn Ryan, Director of Business Development & Marketing

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