Top TikTok Insights & Trends | March 2022

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We’re back again with the top TikTok insights & trends for March 2022! As a social media and influencer marketing agency, we are constantly keeping tabs on this dynamic platform, and as always, March was a busy month. Keep reading for a recap of the latest TikTok news & trends –


TikTok News & Insights


Branded Content Tips

TikTok recently conducted brand lift studies with IPSOS to uncover key elements of successful branded content. According to the findings, top-performing branded content consistently featured sound, product info, brand clues and characters. 

View the infographic here.


New GIF Library

TikTok recently started to roll out Library, a new in-app creation tool with content from GIPHY, including the collection of GIPHY Clips. As written in TikTok’s announcement, “GIPHY Clips (GIFs with Sound) make culture-defining moments, popular quotes, and reactions shareable, allowing the hundreds of millions of users who use GIPHY for visual expression to now incorporate it into their unique storytelling on TikTok.” The library will open up new creative opportunities and make it even easier for people to start or participate in trends.

Read the announcement here.


Testing Search Ads

TikTok has launched beta testing for ads in search results. TikTok’s new search ads are tagged with a ‘Sponsored’ label and appear above the “others searched for” listings on the results page. Search ads will allow brands to reach their target TikTok audience by targeting users that are searching for specific terms.

Read the article here.


TikTok Trends


What Dreams Are Made Of

To the tune of What Dreams Are Made Of (made popular by The Lizzie McGuire Movie), users are showcasing transitional “before and after” videos with important life events. Brands can tap into this trend to showcase the impact of their product on people’s lives.

Check out the trend’s feed here.


Meme Maker

In addition to the popular Stop Motion filter (which has more than 11M videos), TikTokers are using the Meme Maker filter to generate random scenarios and create “What Do You Meme?” reactions to the prompts.

Check out the filter’s feed here.


#WomenAuthors & #WomenInMusic

In honor of Women’s History Month, users took to several trending hashtags, including #WomenAuthors and #WomenInMusic, to celebrate women around the globe. Using these hashtags, TikTokers shared their favorite books and writings by women authors, as well as their favorite female musical artists.

Check out the trending hashtag’s feed here and here.


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