To Black Friday, Or Not To Black Friday?

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve all heard the commercials, hype and distress over Black Friday. Stores are rolling out their sales earlier than ever, with many opening on Thanksgiving Day. But will it be worth your while to skip the pumpkin pie and head out for the blockbuster sales?  This year more than ever, experts are cautioning shoppers to do their research and read the fine print.

Retailers are motivated to open on Thanksgiving by the shortened holiday shopping season coupled with plenty of competition. However, many experts are saying the sales and deals on Thanksgiving will be matched on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.[1] To figure out your shopping strategy, start by looking at these key details:

·      What product is on sale?

·      When does the sale start?

·      When does the sale end?

·      How many items will be in stock? Feel free to call the store and ask.

·      Is the sale online as well as in the store?

Once you have your answers, you can plan accordingly. Take note that some advertised specials are for a very limited supply. If you’re not one of the first few people in line, odds are, you’re going to miss that deal. In addition, the item you’re looking for may not be on sale until Friday, or might be available online.

It may seem like you have to jump at the sales because of the short shopping season, but consumers have a lot of options. Retailers are vying for your dollars and will be offering plenty of great deals, both in-store and online, throughout the season. Evaluate the details surrounding the sales and decide if you’re likely to get the best deal during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or in the coming weeks. It may be that you can cuddle up next to the fire and shop from the couch for your best deal. Happy shopping and happy Thanksgiving!



[1] DeNinno, Nadine. “Cyber Monday Vs. Black Friday: What To Buy, What To Skip And When To Shop For All The Gifts On Your List” International Business Times. November 25. Web. November 26.

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