The 411 on Threads

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Meta’s text-based app is finally here! Garnering instant popularity and positive feedback upon launch, Threads has already surpassed 100 million sign-ups since its debut last week. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Back to text-based social sharing
    • That’s right, you don’t need to know how to dance to use Threads! The app prompts you to share via text-based content with a 500-character limit to keep your messaging concise and effective!
  • Seamless set-up via Instagram
    • Threads leverages existing Instagram profiles for a quick and easy set-up. Upon download, you can use your Instagram photo, bio, links and most importantly – followers! This is just one reason why it’s a no brainer to become an early adopter of the app.
  • You can still share images, videos, and yes – memes!
    • In addition to text-based content, you can still share images, videos, and yes – memes! While text-based posts have been generating high engagement and replies, users are also testing various visual assets like memes, images and videos to start a thread. 
  • The ultimate group chat
    • Brands and users are quickly naming Threads the ultimate group chat. Threads is an authentic way to reach your audience through information-based sharing that prompts valuable discussion and connection. This type of conversational content has the ability to create and foster genuine relationships.
  • No ads, yet!
    • The app’s ad-free environment makes it easier to reach your audience. Get on board before monetization is introduced! 


To get started, set up your profile and share your first message! Users on the platform are testing right now, so now is the time to have fun with it and be social. Can’t decide what to share on Threads versus Instagram? Focus less on the type of content you want to post and more on the content’s purpose. If you’re hoping to spark a back-and-forth conversation, Threads is the right place.

While we already see tons of opportunities on Threads, we know this is just the beginning. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about the latest updates and features.

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