The Exciting News about Apple iOS 8

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Just the other day, Apple launched some exciting news about the new iOS 8 software and the new ways your iPhone will continue to improve your life on a daily basis. The new software features include new improvements in the notification department, as well as new and improved texting tools.

Personally, I am pretty relieved that the “auto-correct” feature has been updated. I’ve about had it with having to explain to my mom why I’m constantly texting her,“What’s sex?” when my intention was to write, “what’s up?”. And lets admit it, we’ve all experienced those awkward and “unintentional texts,” am I right?… Lucky for us Apple has finally decided to save us from any further embarrassment by introducing “QuickType”: a new texting feature that gives you suggestions for what to type. What’s awesome about QuickType is that as you start to use it, it will learn to detect the different ways you type to different people and will then be able to suggest different words for each person – now that’s cool!

iOS 8 also includes faster and easier ways to look through your e-mails, as well as improved group messaging features. One of my least favorite things about being so popular (just kidding) is that I am always included in group text messages with over five people. Don’t get me wrong, I would obviously throw a fit if I wasn’t included in the discussion for Saturday night’s plans… but when I am trying to get work done I’d rather not be constantly bombarded by Miranda and Evonne’s debate about which bar is more fun and why we just HAVE to go to 13 Step on Saturday. This great new feature now enables me to either leave the group thread or to “mute” it if I’m not in the mood to read their endless and pointless argument about where to go when we all know we’re going to end up at Ace Bar like we do every other night.

Lucky for us, iOS 8 software and the iPhone 6 should be released sometime in the fall.  Once again Apple, thanks so much for making my life that much easier!

For more info on all of the updates, click here. Tell us what you think!



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