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Secretly, we spend most of the year making our own wishlists (and checking them twice), but then Thanksgiving hits and we remember all of the people we are grateful for and need (I mean really want) to gift. For some, panic then ensues. What do you get your aunt who has everything? What product can you get your roommate that she doesn’t already have? Why does it seem like at this time of year you are completely out of unique and brilliant gift ideas? Never fear, the Socialfly elves are here to help. We get the opportunity to work with a variety of amazing clients and that got us thinking about the items right under our nose that can be given to people on your lists. So, without further ado, here is the 2013 Socialfly Gift Guide:

Socialfly Gift Guide

1. For the females with frequent flyer points, cinda b bags and accessories make the perfect presents. Whether you want to spend a little (Coin+Camera bag just $19) or a little more (Carry-On Rolly, $179), you can give the gift of travel without actually giving the gift of travel.

2. If you decide you want to actually give the gift of a great adventure, how about ski passes at Bear Valley Mountain in California. Adult half-day passes start at $54.

3. For the food connoisseur, slip the finest caviar into their stocking and instantly become the favorite (and most elegant) friend or family member. Shop the Caviar Russe online boutique for caviar assortments, indulgent pairings and accompaniments.

4. For your moms, aunts, sisters and your girlfriends, skyn ICELAND has some seriously amazing skincare products that target stress. Telling your mom she looks stressed about all of the family in town doesn’t help. These under eye soothing hydro cool firming eye gels will.

5. For your significant other, luxury lingerie from byChez is the way to go. Make it all about the luxury lingerie lifestyle for 2014.

6. For the person in your life who deserves a chance to invest in themself for a change, a gift card to TriBeCa MedSpa opens the door to some of the most advanced skincare treatments in the country. From customized facials, to laser hair removal to botox, the experts at TriBeCa MedSpa deliver the services that will allow you to rediscover yourself. For those of you not in the New York area, their skincare line offers stocking stuffers that won’t be tossed away with the tissue paper.

7. For the college student, the newly engaged and the average person on the streets of New York in desperate search of a little sun on their skin, give the gift of a tan with a gift card to City Sun Tanning.

8. For your family and friends in New Jersey, we have a suggestion that makes us hungry just thinking about. A gift card to Central Kitchens is the perfect present. Also a great corporate gifting idea!

9. All of your nieces and nephews probably don’t need any more sugar or video games. Maybe this year you give an educational gift that they will enjoy the benefits of for years to come with a KinderKALENDAR.

10. For the trendy on your shopping list, we suggest the gift of style from Baby Phat. Check out these metallic sneaks!

11. For the new moms on your list, you can be really personal this year! Sienna Naturals is perfect for mommies of all shades with brown babies, and women with highly texturized hair who are seeking natural solution. Their Baobab Oil Moisturizing Collection is the perfect stocking stuffer.

12. For the health conscious Manhattan dweller, introduce them to healthy food on the run. Order your office a healthy lunch from Kale this season instead of the usual sugary sweets that no one really needs. Trust us, they’ll be saying, “Kale Yeah!” by the time they finish their meal.

13. A great healthy snack for anyone, a tray of LifeIce cubettes is also perfect for caregivers to give. Check out the story behind these soothing treats and see why “from ice comes life.”

14. If you are going to be popping the question over the holidays, don’t forget to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment with Paparazzi Proposals!

15. You can introduce all of the fashionistas you know to their newest addictions FOR FREE! What Goes With This is the website for outfit ideas from expert stylists (also helpful for getting dressed for all your holiday parties).

16. Another FREE tip that you can give along with a nail polish set. Mani Diaries is the free iphone app that lets you track and share your latest manicures with the mani loving world. Holiday nails are so on trend right now – go get inspired!


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