Social Media Trends | February 2023

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Wondering what’s happening on social media this month? We’ve got you covered with the latest social media trends and news.


Platform Updates & Industry News
  • Instagram Introduces Broadcast Channels: As explained by Instagram, “broadcast channels are a public, one-to-many messaging tool for creators to invite all of their followers into and engage with their most interested fans.” Creators can use text, photo, video and voice notes to communicate with their fans, and can even create polls to crowdsource feedback. While followers can react to content and vote in polls, only creators can send messages at this time. In the coming months, creators will be able to bring another creator into the channel to discuss upcoming collabs, collect questions for an AMA via question prompts, and more. 
  • Meta Launches Paid Verification Program: Meta recently announced the testing of a new subscription bundle that includes account verification with impersonation protections and access to increased visibility and support. Available in Australia and New Zealand to start, people can purchase a monthly subscription for between $11.99 to $14.99 USD directly on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Instagram Chief Says Photos Will Get More Focus on the App in 2023: Rejoice, Instagram fans! Adam Mosseri of Instagram has announced that in 2023, the platform will focus more on photos than videos. So if you’re a traditionalist who prefers snapshots to moving images, have no fear – your beloved app is heading back to its roots.
  • Twitter Delays Launch Of Its New API Platform: Twitter will soon be ending free access to its API, meaning a multitude of analytic apps and management tools won’t work anymore. The social network has delayed the shutdown of the free API several times now, with no firm update on the new launch. On February 17th, @TwitterDev Tweeted, “Twitter is committed to the success of our Developer ecosystem. Our previous updates still stand as we phase our roll-out over the next few weeks so that we can focus on the quality and performance of our platform. Thank you!”
  • Youtube Adds Time Targeting Element To Masthead Ads: The new YouTube Cost-Per-Hour Masthead can help brands exclusively own the moments most critical to their business. This new way to buy YouTube’s most prominent placement gives brands exclusive ownership of the Masthead during the hour(s) leading up to, during or after priority moments.
  • Twitter Boosts Character Limit For Twitter Blue Subscribers: Twitter Blue subscribers in the US can now post up to 4,000 characters – more than 14 times the existing 280-character limit, which remains in place for all non-subscribers and Twitter Blue users outside of the United States. If someone you follow uses the feature, the tweet in your timeline will have a “show more” button to display the rest of the post.
  • TikTok Adds Four New Promote Tools: With the recent updates to TikTok’s in-app advertising tool, brands can now: drive more visits to their TikTok page, get more messages from potential customers, boost other creators’ content and target audiences by location.
  • Pinterest Reaches 450 Million Monthly Users: This month, Pinterest posted its Q4 and full-year earnings for 2022, showing steady increases in both users and revenue. The social media platform will continue to focus on its short video product, Idea Pins, with plans to grow its footprint over the format and monetize it, as well.
  • TikTok Supports Creators With An Updated Account Enforcement System: In an effort to more effectively weed out repeat offenders on the app, TikTok is now introducing a strike-based system for account suspensions and penalties. Using strikes, TikTok can take proactive measures against users instead of having to address each individual case separately.
  • TikTok Tests Reducing Music Options as Part of Ongoing Negotiations Over Music Usage Rights: TikTok is testing the relevance of music in their videos as they limit how many songs content creators can post on their app. According to a statement made by the company, some tunes will no longer be available for use.


Trending Audio
  • Look At This!: Users are utilizing this audio to showcase cool things they’re excited about. 
  • Obsessed: People are showing things they’re obsessed with or love, such as their pets, a piece of clothing, a hobby, or a product.
  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE: Users are using the audio to show different foods, pieces of art, clothing, etc., that are their favorite.
  • Be The RubberBand: This audio is great for utilizing product ranges, niche tips, and showing before and after examples once people adjust their processes (for example, self-recording, doing make up, etc)
  • Give It To Me: Users are showing new products and recipes along with this audio. A quick and simple sound to use!
  • Guess Who: Users are pausing before the beat drops and then pointing to themselves as “fitting the bill” for whatever the on-screen text is. For example, “Guess who’s wearing pj’s on their Zoom call?” 


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