Social Media Trends | December 2022

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Wondering what’s happening on social media this month? We’ve got you covered with the latest social media trends and news.

Platform Updates & Industry News

  • New Sharing Features on Instagram: Notes, Group Profiles and More: Yesterday Instagram announced new features that are designed to help users share and connect with the people they care about. Instagram is rolling out Notes, a new way to share thoughts using just text and emojis; testing new features like Candid Stories so users can capture what they’re doing in the moment; testing Group Profiles so people can share posts and stories in a shared profile; and more.
  • Snapchat Announces Paid Add Ons for AR Lenses & Experiments With ‘Story Boost’ Option for Snapchat+ Subscribers: Snap’s announced a new AR experiment which will see a small group of creators and developers working on new Lenses that will include paid add-on elements, like alternative presentation formats and digital enhancements. Additionally, Snapchat’s looking to help Snapchat+ subscribers gain more visibility for their content in the app, via a new option in development called ‘Story Boost’, which would seemingly amplify their Stories to more viewers.
  • TikTok Releases Year on TikTok 2022: Earlier this month, TikTok released its 2022 Year on TikTok report, including unforgettable trends, creators and moments.
  • Twitter’s Developing a New ‘Human’ Test for Accounts: In response to Twitter’s recent issues with verification, the app is reportedly working on a new process that would restrict users from utilizing certain elements of the app until they’re able to prove that they’re actually human – ‘by spending time engaging with your timeline and connecting with others’. If you pass the human test, you’ll then see improved tweet visibility, while you’ll also get full access to its DM tools.
  • Instagram Tests New DM Labels & ‘Roll Call’ Feature: New DM labels “flagged,” “booked,” “ordered,” “paid,” and “shipped” will be added to help sort customer interactions for business pages and shops on the app. This new feature could be helpful for brands who don’t have CRM features. Additionally, Instagram is working on something called ‘Roll Call’ which would enable group chat members to request that all participants add a photo or video of themselves to the chat within 5 minutes.
  • LinkedIn’s Latest and Greatest New Features: Organizations on LinkedIn can now do more with Newsletters, thoughtfully promote products on the platform, and keep a close eye on competitor content trends. 


Trending Reels Audio
  • Back Again (Number One Spot): Brands could use this sound to feature returning customers or clients. Marketers and other industry experts could also showcase what it looks like to switch between work and relaxation.


Trending TikTok Sounds
  • The Meanest Thing You Could Do: Highlight something that is totally normal to do for your business but you often worry if it comes off as “rude” or “bossy.” Brands could also use this sound to feature product benefits. 
  • January Me (Running Up That Hill): Act as your January self asking what your goal was for this year, and then show you or your brand in present day through a facial expression or a sped up video showing what has happened.
  • Dance Dance Dance: Showcase product creation, a day in the life, your business plan, etc.


Trending Hashtags
  • #SpotifyWrapped: Users are showcasing their year in review with most listened songs, etc. Brands are also tapping into this trend with unique posts by getting more industry-specific.
  • #AI: Conversations surrounding AI and the issues of AI art are trending.
  • #merrychristmas: Users are gearing up for the holidays!


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