Making Social Media Work For Your Small Business This Holiday Season

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The buzz around holiday shopping is heating up, and social media is a great way for small businesses to gain a competitive edge. Here are five easy ways to connect with customers and make your presence fun and effective this season:

1.) Stay Relevant.  Be sure you’re using language that reflects the current date – wishing your customers a Happy Thanksgiving rather than Happy Halloween. Communicate any specials that are currently running, and impress upon your customers when sales will end, so they understand the urgency to participate.

2.) Reach Out To Your Community.  The best part about a local business is the ability to know your community. Utilize this advantage by incorporating local knowledge into your posts. Additionally, show the human side of your business. Consider updating your site to reflect the holiday, post pictures of you and your staff taking part in celebrations, or give thanks to the customers that have supported you over the past year. Personal posts remind your customers how shopping locally with small businesses creates positive relationships in the community.

3.) Ramp Up Your Customer Service.  The holidays are a key season to let your personal service shine. Whether you’re taking the extra time to help someone find the perfect gift, or graciously handling mistakes, your customer service is under a magnifying glass during the holidays. Offering friendly and personal service will set your business apart from large retailers.

shutterstock_1439460314.) Offer Holiday Packages.  Entice customers by offering unique holiday packages. Create thoughtful gift sets that make it easy for a customer to stop by and pick up the perfect hostess, stocking, or decorative gift.

5.) Be Smartphone Ready.  Seven out of ten smartphone owners will use their phones for holiday shopping this year.[1] Be sure your website is compatible with smartphones, and keep people aware of deals and updates by posting across your social media accounts.  Customers will be checking their phones constantly while they’re out shopping; stay on their radar by actively sharing current news and responding to customer inquiries.

Whether your business is online or on the street, stay competitive by keeping customers informed and excited with social media. Post news to Facebook, tweet your latest updates, Instagram new inventory or your holiday cheer – whatever you do, don’t miss a great opportunity to connect with customers and increase your sales!

[1] Holiliday, Katie. “Online Shopping The Way To Go This Holiday Season” Nov 18, 2013. Web. Nov 19, 2013

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