Instagram: Your Company’s Newest, and Possibly Best, Recruiting Tool

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LinkedIn has long been considered one of the best resources for a small business looking to recruit new talent. However, another, less likely contender has emerged. Even more surprising, is that it may actually allow your next great employee to find you, rather than you searching for them! Enter, Instagram. While many would consider the primary use of this platform to be for posting pictures of brunch and spawning snarky hashtags, Instagram is capable of much more. If used wisely, Instagram can allow you to demonstrate and showcase what makes your business unique, and by doing so, make it an attractive destination for a qualified candidate. Below are 3 tips on the types of photos you should be posting to help catch the eye and whet the appetite of a potential future employee.


Post Some Personality

“Behind the scenes” photos of you and your employees having fun while getting the job done are terrific. Show off how your team gets along and works together to handle the business at hand. Personal photos are a great way for prospective employees to see the personality of your company, and see it as a great place to be a part of.

Promote The Possibilities

Exhibit some of the exciting clients and exclusive projects your company may be working on. Allow potential candidates to see the great opportunities and experiences your business can offer them. Give them a vision of how great it would be to be working as part of your team.

Present The Perks

Pictures of team outings, whether it be for dinner, drinks, or fun client events are a way to show your company has more to offer than a paycheck.  Highlight the family feel of your team. Being a part of a talented group of like-minded individuals can be a powerful extra benefit to a prospective employee.


With the hope of amassing new business, owners are typically focused on presenting their product or service in an appealing way.  Well, doing the same when presenting the culture within your company might just help you acquire new talent as well!

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