How the “e” in ecommerce now stands for everywhere!

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When digital marketing first swept the scene, brands and marketers alike had to learn to adjust their strategies and expectations accordingly. Brand management switched from paper advertising to Twitter conversations, Facebook posts, and Pinterest boards. Now, not only do companies have to worry about covering all social media channels, but they have to also concern themselves with the way in which and the speed in which it spreads. Thanks to laptops, smart phones and tablets, users and fans have access to content 24/7 and in virtually any corner of the world.

How do brands compensate for the vastness that is the present day realm of social media? The ultimate goal of every marketer should now be to try and cover as many platforms as possible, but remember to keep it effective, interesting, and current! Furthermore, because social media is everywhere make sure your brand is creating content that will make YOU stand our from your competitors. A quick tip would be to keep up with social media news, use relevant platforms and apps, and also keep in mind what is trending!

Check out this chart comparing the available platforms from 2003 and 2013, provided by the Edison report!

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