The HootSuite Ritual, Hospitality Marketing Style

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As I am quite addicted with social media, travel and hospitality, and digital trends, I simply cannot go a morning without getting my fix on the latest news and trends emerging in this lightening-fast space. Like everyone else who is passionate about these topics, I first fire up my HootSuite dashboard, which is constantly bleeping at me during the day as thousands and thousands of updates come flowing in.

Feed your social media addiction the right way with the HootSuite dashboard

The lists on Twitter that I find are most helpful to follow come, unsurprisingly, from the technology titans at Mashable, who compiled handy, albeit a bit arbitrary, lists of ‘tweeple’ to follow in specific categories.  I personally enjoy following the social media and marketing lists the most from a professional standpoint, but the music/celebrity and entertainment lists are equally attention grabbing.  They also have a relatively new feature on their site, Mashable Follow, which scrapes away much of the site’s overwhelmingness, and allows the user to pick-and-choose what topics you want to follow on a daily basis.  I’ll be evangelizing about this new feature on a different post soon.  But I digress…

Once the HootSuite is fired up, which really is the new RSS (real simple syndication), I’ll visit my other favorite sites that relate to my passions for travel and hospitality: HotelChatter (which always amuses me with its quirky quips of hotel outlandishness) and, which is a nice aggregator of hotel-specific marketing trends that very frequently are digital focused.  Finally, a quick stop over to to discover any additional new trends emerging in the travel technology space.

But here’s the punch line: all this can be achieved through my HootSuite dashboard feed. Long gone are the days where we need to actually jump back and forth between websites, click that refresh button for fresh content, or spend wasted time scanning each of our favorite sites endlessly.  It’s all about efficiency in this new digital age.

So go explore and use the technology available to you.  And if you’re a hospitality-focused digital marketing guy like myself, ensure that you devour:


Are there other sites that you can’t spend a day without?  Leave them in the comments section below!

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