Gen Z Marketing: Designing For The “It” Generation

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Graphic design has evolved rapidly over the years, and with the advent of new technologies and social media platforms, it has become more important than ever to design for your audience. As a graphic designer, it’s important to understand what your audience is drawn to and create designs that will resonate with them. One such audience that has gained significant importance in recent years is Gen Z. Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z is a diverse and tech-savvy generation that has grown up on the internet and social media. Because they have spent a majority of their lives on digital platforms, Gen Z marketing and creating content that stands out can be tricky. That’s where we come in.

Follow these five Gen Z marketing tips to capture the attention of this important audience.


1. Keep It Simple and Bold

Gen Z is a generation that has grown up in the age of information overload. They are used to scrolling through countless posts on social media and consuming content at a rapid pace. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your design simple and bold. Use clear and concise messaging, strong typography, and minimalistic design elements to catch their attention. Typography is an essential element of graphic design, and Gen Z tends to prefer bold, attention-grabbing fonts. Make sure your typography is legible and easy to read, but also visually interesting. Experiment with different font weights, sizes, and styles to create a unique look that will capture your audience’s attention.


2. Embrace Color and Vibrancy

Gen Z marketing should lean into individuality and self-expression. Gen Z loves bright, bold, and vibrant colors, so make sure to use a color scheme that is visually appealing and captures their attention. Experiment with bright and bold color combinations, gradients, and patterns to make your designs stand out.


3. Use Engaging Visuals

Gen Z is extremely visual, and they prefer images and videos over long, text-based content. Use engaging visuals that are relevant to your message and brand identity. You can use illustrations, animations, and photographs to make your designs more appealing and shareable. Consider adding animation or motion graphics to your designs to make them more engaging and interactive. Animations can also help you tell a story or convey a message in a unique and interesting way.


4. Design for Mobile and Social

Gen Z is a mobile-first generation, and they consume most of their content on their smartphones. Therefore, it is essential to design for mobile devices. Keep your designs mobile-friendly by using responsive design elements. Social media is a huge part of Gen Z’s lives, so it’s no surprise that they’re drawn to designs that incorporate current social media trends. Keep an eye on popular hashtags, memes, and other social media trends, and try to incorporate them into your designs in a way that’s relevant and tasteful. Just make sure you’re staying up-to-date on the latest trends and not using outdated references.


5. Be Authentic

More than any other generation, Gen Z values authenticity and honesty. They can easily spot fake and insincere messaging. Therefore, it is crucial to be authentic and transparent in your design approach. Use genuine messaging, relatable imagery, and real-life scenarios to build trust with your audience.


Gen Z marketing and graphic design requires a different approach compared to other generations. Keep your designs simple, bold, and vibrant; use engaging visuals and be authentic in your messaging. Gen Z is highly visual so it’s important to keep these things in mind in order to create the best design for this core audience.


Creating relevant and engaging content is never easy, but these tips can help you master the art of Gen Z marketing. Reach out to for Gen Z marketing strategies and creative support.

Written By: Naomi Nora, Graphic Designer


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