Facebook Announces New Application: ‘Paper’

Posted at 11th-Feb-2014 in Social Media News | Leave a reply

Facebook announces the news reader application called ‘Paper,’ which became available to iPhone users on February 3. Paper is a free stand-alone news reader mobile app that has been in the works for years. This app will have 19 different sections for content, such as sports, tech and pop culture. In addition to these sections, Paper will have a “Newsfeed” section that users are accustomed to. This app was designed to look different than native apps, and each section has a rotating carousel of images across the top with individual stories below the image. People are able to explore and share stories from friends and the world with this new design. Anything shared on Paper will also appear to the user’s Facebook News Feed in the native and also on the desktop. Paper will launch without any advertisements on the service, including sponsored stories. This Paper application is very new and will continually develop as the company examines how users engage with the product.

FB Paper App

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