Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Soar Sales

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Bringing traffic to your eCommerce site is crucial, but it’s only half the battle. You must also convert this traffic into paying customers. In this week’s post, Senior Media Buyer Chris Lewis shares 4 conversion rate optimization hacks to provide an outstanding shopping experience and compel prospects to purchase.


1. Promote Your Unique Selling Point 

“Why are you in business?” is a big question. In order to really compel prospective customers, it’s important that you can answer this question in a few words. That’s where your unique selling point (USP) comes in. Your USP describes the value you offer your customers.

Utilize your website and social media profiles to promote your USP and demonstrate the value that you bring to those using your product(s). You’ll stand out against competitors and consumers will choose your brand over others.


2. Make Use of Marketing Tools

There’s no shortage of marketing tools to help with tracking, analytics and strategies. Utilize all available resources to support your conversion rate optimization strategy. 

For example, most website-building platforms – like Shopify – have built-in analytics pages. Google Analytics is a favorite for new businesses, as it provides clear and concise metrics that can be reviewed regularly.


3. Proofread & Fact Check

Typos and grammar mistakes are never a good look. If writing isn’t your strong suit, hire a copywriter to support with blog posts, product descriptions, emails and more. Well-written copy, in addition to citing references whenever possible, will show your expertise in the space.

In addition to accurate content and copy, it’s important that what you’re putting out is carefully crafted for both your brand and industry. Ensure whoever is handling the content and copy has a deep understanding of your brand, product(s) and industry as a whole. Each brand has its own voice and different verticals come with niche-specific terms. 

This will all boost customer trust and support with brand building.


4. Serve Mobile Users

Last but not least, there has been a significant increase in online purchases via smartphones and tablets – and it’s not slowing down. By 2025, mobile ecommerce (otherwise known as mcommerce) is expected to account for nearly 50% of retail ecommerce sales in the US

In order to serve these consumers, make a mobile version of your eCommerce website to ensure everything is easy to read, and choose a platform that automatically reorganizes content on smaller devices.

From there, regularly test to see how the site’s mobile version appears to a stranger, and eliminate big ads and graphics that hurt the eye or require a lot of memory.

If budget allows, build an app to offer rewards, such as discounts and loyalty points. Apps are another excellent tactic to add to your conversion rate optimization strategy, as they help to reach potential customers and maintain brand loyalty.

So there you have it! 4 simple tips for conversion rate optimization to squeeze the most out of leads and boost sales.

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Written By: Chris Lewis, Senior Media Buyer

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