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Harnessing the power of social media, live video and influencer marketing to drive social engagement and streams.

The Objective:

Ghostober is TRVL Channel’s most exciting and eerie time of the year. The entire month of October is dedicated to doubling down on paranormal content and super-serving their fans with major show premieres in the countdown to Halloween. The network approached Socialfly with a big ask: to promote Ghostober to both current and new audiences through the power of social media, live video and influencer marketing. To measure the success of Socialfly’s efforts, TRVL was looking for an overall increase in consumer engagements on social and a measurable uptick in streams of TRVL’s content on the Discovery+ platform.

The Approach:

After determining where the network’s audiences spent quality time digesting content on social media, Socialfly employed an influencer strategy across TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. The idea was to create social-first “extension content” across these platforms to complement key traditional TV programming for the month, using programming themes and locations to guide the activations. We tapped influencers to create both live and planned content that Socialfly then backed by paid amplification. Throughout the campaign, influencer partners posted a combination of evergreen Ghostober content, along with conducting live takeovers on TRVL Channel’s TikTok and Twitter handles.

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