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Overcoming industry obstacles to drive strong conversion & return on ad spend.

The Challenge:

Recent evolutions across digital advertising, from government regulations to technology changes, have impacted business’ ability to optimize campaigns and accurately measure their results. Jewelry brand ALEX AND ANI was seeking a way to bridge the gap and drive stronger conversion and ROAS.

The Solution:

In partnership with Facebook, we implemented ALEX AND ANI's first conversion lift study measuring Conversions API events.

The Approach:

Our approach enabled ALEX AND ANI to use their own marketing data to optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action and more accurately measure campaign outcomes, all while helping the brand respect people’s choices on how their data is used. A catalog of jewelry was created for dynamic product ads to automatically reach people with products or offerings based on their interests, intent and actions, and removing the burden of creating individual ads for every item sold.

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Studies Image

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