Benefits of Using LinkedIn Premium in Your Job Hunt

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Enhance your personal brand and give yourself an advantage with LinkedIn Premium. When weighing the pros and cons of whether or not this feature is worth the upgrade, consider the following perks to being a LinkedIn Premium member and how it can help you maintain an extensive business network.

Applicant Insight

The beneficial tools on LinkedIn Premium, like Applicant Insight, provide you with in depth statistics and insight, like seeing where you rank in relation to other professionals and what keywords attract people to your profile. This feature also allows you to see the top 100, rather than top 10, most viewed professionals within your industry. This information can help you gage who might be best to connect with or what these business professionals have that you can consider implementing for your own professional brand.

Search Listing

Another great Premium perk is the depth of information visible to those who look up your profile. With regular LinkedIn, other members only see your name and position in search. Premium offers more information such as past and current positions through an expanded search.

Applying for Jobs

Often when applying for jobs, we worry that our resumes and job application will get lost in the hefty pile of other applicants’ paperwork. Fortunately, LinkedIn premium has strategically alleviated that worry by operating as your fastpass in the application line. By placing you above the non-Premium applicants, you essentially cut the line and are given a competitive advantage when filling out applications through the site.

Tools and Tips

Premium has taken into account your writer’s block and is equipped with suggestions for creating the most appealing personal summary that best portrays your professional story. An additional perk that broadens your network is The Open Profile feature, which allows anyone on LinkedIn to connect with you free of charge. And with eight additional search filters, you can efficiently navigate to potential new clients or businesses that best fit your demands. Premium also understands your frustration and has eliminated the limit restrictions on profile searches, allowing you to explore any and all interests to boost your business.


The final perk to promoting yourself to LinkedIn Premium is InMail, which is a valuable tool that allows for direct messages via LinkedIn to potential recruiters, prospect, or experts outside of your primary network. InMail also makes it easy to expedite connecting with multiple people in a short amount of time.

When contemplating the upgrade to LinkedIn Premium, the decision is evident. With this networking tool, the perks to individual success as well as benefits for businesses is indisputable and can only positively impact your business and professional relationships.

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