6 Ways to Find Trending Audio for Better Instagram Reels

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Are you looking for a solution to stay on top of your Instagram Reels game? Utilizing trending audio is an effective and timely way to engage with your audience, position yourself as a relatable authority in your niche, amplify your message and most importantly, drive organic traffic!

Staying on top of the latest trends in audio for Instagram Reels is essential to ensure that your content resonates with your audience and reaches as many people as possible. Knowing how (and when) to tap into trends can give you an edge over other users, helping you stand out from the crowd.


Tip #1: Use the Reels explore page

To find the most popular sounds on Instagram, navigate to Reels Explore in the middle of your homepage. Scroll through recommended reels and look for ones with a “trending” tag next to them; when you discover one that catches your eye, just tap it! This will take you directly to an audio page where other videos using this sound are featured; from here you can either save the audio or start creating with it immediately.


Tip #2: Check the music library

If you’re looking for popular soundtracks, the music library is a great place to start. With Instagram’s Reel feature, you can access their selection of tailored audio suggestions and search for specific tunes or sounds from within the app. The only catch is that there won’t be any arrows indicating which one is currently trending. Regardless, just remember that some copyright restrictions are in place on the app that will not allow business accounts to use certain music or sounds.


Tip #3: Follow IG’s Creators account

Instagram’s Creators account is the perfect spot for new content creators to get their start. Each Friday, they post a Trend Report that summarizes Instagram’s most popular trends of the week. This report includes all the hottest songs you can use on Reels, as well as other in-demand dances and themes that people are loving!


Tip #4: Check out the global music charts

Need to know what music is trending globally? Don’t worry, Billboard Top 100 and Spotify’s ‘Top Songs – Global’ playlist have you covered! Not only can those two sources provide insight into the most popular tunes across the world, but they can also tell you which songs are more prevalent in your specific region. Once you’ve got an idea of a few tracks that would make for catchy Reels content, get creating!


Tip #5: Follow popular creators

When you follow popular creators on Instagram, it will give you an insight into what songs are trending. Additionally, keeping up with current trends and bandwagons can be easy by following those beloved influencers. Plus, this allows for gaining knowledge about the kind of content that performs best on Instagram to broaden your audience reach!


Tip #6: Turn on notifications for Socialfly’s IG

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Written By: Brooke Monroe, Content Strategist & Copywriter

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