5 Things You Need To Live Tweet Season 11 of The Bachelorette

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1. The Facts

image source: starcasm.net
image source: starcasm.net

This year there are TWO Bachelorettes for Chris Harrison to escort from room to room and offer a shoulder to cry on—Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe. In the first episode of season 11, the 25 male bachelors [or “contestants”] will choose which of these two lovely ladies they’ll cry over for the next six weeks. Get your fem-power hashtags ready. This should be interesting.

2. A GIF-Ready Search Tab

image source: funnyjunk.com
image source: funnyjunk.com

A tweet is only as good as the GIF attached to it. Now there are many apps available for a good GIF-hunt, but I personally prefer to use the old fashioned Google image search. Just find the GIF you’re looking for, save it to your camera roll, compose tweet, attach just like you would attach an image, and publish!

3. The Correct Hashtag(s)

image source: fallontonight.tumblr.com
image source: fallontonight.tumblr.com

Want your tweets about The Bachelorette to be seen, favorite, and retweeted? Make sure you’re attaching the right hashtag to your tweet. I’d bet money on the fact that this season’s most used hashtag will be “#TheBachelorette,” but it can’t hurt to follow along on @BacheloretteABC and make sure they don’t do anything crazy, dramatic, or unpredictable [come on guys, it happens all the time]. Also, be on the lookout for spur-of-the-moment live hashtags (think onion girl) that you should contribute to.

4. A Spreadsheet Including Every Contestant’s Name + Face

image source: studentblogski.wordpress.com

Do not let this one pass you by. Watching this show can get incredibly confusing for a few reasons:
1. Very important—75% of the guys look relatively similar
2. 80% of the guys have names comprised of one syllable
3. 100% of the guys have the vocabulary of a 13 year old boy
These three facts make it nearly impossible to tell these men apart, and even more impossible to tweet about them correctly. Find your guide to this year’s eligible bachelors here.

5. A Rather Large Glass of Wine

image source: thinmintspiration.wordpress.com

Let’s be honest, it’s the only way to survive watching a woman find ways to complain about having 24 male suitors.

Now go forth and tweet like Chris Harrison is reading every word!

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