360-Degree Video Ads on Facebook

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360 FB ads

Facebook has always made it a priority to develop and grow the social network in order to make it as innovative as possible for both personal and business accounts alike. One of its latest updates, 360-degree videos, is geared towards brand pages but could one day be a potential option for personal accounts as well. These video advertisements help provide the viewer with an immersive, lifelike feel. User responses have been positive so far, so we may begin to see more of these ads in the near future.


This new video option provides marketers with the ability to bring consumers closer to a brand while simultaneously encouraging interaction. Facebook also made sure that these videos are not limited to desktop viewing, as they can now be viewed on iPhones and iPads with the latest iOS update. Facebook Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson said in an emailed statement to Marketing Land, “We continue to develop capabilities that allow marketers to tell deep and immersive stories through sight, sound and motion. We are excited to work with these fantastic partners to push the boundaries of what’s possible for marketing on Facebook.” While this new option for Facebook marketing is exciting and fresh, the question is whether or not it will it turn out to be a short-term trend or become a lasting Facebook feature. Facebook must consider whether or not these 360-degree ads are applicable for all types of brands and products, or if they should only be used for certain industries where it might make the most sense, like travel companies or sports teams. Check out some of our favorite 360-degree video ads below.


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