3 Effective Copywriting Strategies For Social Media

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There is no denying the potential of social media as a platform for community building, lead, revenue, and client and customer acquisition.

However, obtaining followers on social media alone won’t suffice, much less converting those followers into paying clients or customers. Effectively engaging your audience is vital, which is where powerful social media copy comes in!

Many of the most engaging social media posts have one thing: excellent copy!

Here are three examples of copywriting techniques that will allow you to heighten your social media presence and brand awareness across all platforms!


1. Let people know what they’re missing.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “FOMO” or “fear of missing out.” 

You can create a sense of urgency with your copy that leverages a user’s wonder about an exciting or interesting event happening elsewhere or a trendy new product they don’t have their hands on yet. 

Leveraging the element of FOMO in your social media copy can help attract attention in several ways. 

You can hone in on the aspect of exclusivity by writing copy that excites people about being the first to have access to something. 

You can communicate urgency or a time crunch by offering a service or product for a limited time.

Similarly, you can express scarcity by announcing that there is limited availability of appointments or empty spots left open on an offering.

Users tend to act quickly on offers if they believe it’s something they may miss out on entirely!


2. Ask your customers questions.

Social media is not about repeatedly placing your product in consumers’ faces. Social media is about being social, and what better way to do that than to directly engage with your customers and clients by asking them about themselves? 

Writing copy that asks your followers question is an excellent way to promote discussions with them on your social media platforms. Some great examples are:

  1. Tell us something that helps you focus.
  2. What’s your favorite way to combat stress?
  3. How do you celebrate this holiday?
  4. Tell us your thoughts on [insert topic] in the comments!


People love to feel that their favorite brands and businesses care about their opinions.  Try prompting engagement with your followers in this way in your next post, and see what answers you receive! 


3. Stay consistent with your brand voice.

Regardless of the social media platform your brand is posting on, always maintain your brand voice to avoid misleading your followers. 

It’s perfectly okay to tap into current trends, but you must always make sure your brand voice stays consistent! Try thinking of brand voice copywriting as “staying in character,” similar to how an actor must deliver a continuous, unwavering performance as the character they play in a movie. 

They embody their role in every possible way, shape, and form. Your brand needs to do that with everything from its visuals to its copy! 

You can even create a brand guide to refer back to for moments like these where you hit a wall with your copy. It’s okay to need reminders sometimes! If necessary, take a moment to reacquaint yourself with your established voice, tone, and the “character” of your brand if you’re having trouble nailing down your brand voice.

Pro-tip: Check your platforms regularly to ensure you’re delivering the same “character performance” month to month!

Check out the way other brands encourage engagement with their audience. As you improve your social media copywriting skills, you’ll be able to tie those tricks into your content strategy plan! 

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Written By: Brooke Monroe, Copywriter & Content Strategist

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